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Vidmat Oil & Gas Oil Corporation is an international oil company that conducts business through various operating subsidiaries. The Company produces oil in the , Canada, the United States, Malaysia, and Republic of the Congo and conducts exploration activities worldwide. The Company owns refining and marketing operations in the Canada and the United States. Vidmat Oil & Gas CA Marketing Co. (Vidmat Oil & Gas Oil Corporation, Inc.) operates retail Oil Suppliers under the Vidmat Oil & Gas CA® brand across Country. These are high-volume, low-cost retail Oil Company, primarily in the parking areas of Wal-Mart Supercenters. Vidmat Oil & Gas Oil Corporation CA, Inc. also operates a network of 11 Company-owned terminals. These terminals, along with numerous third-party terminals, provide Oil supply to retail and branded wholesale stations throughout Country.



A Word From

Mr. Robert M.Vidmat President & CEO

of Vidmat Oil & Gas Oil Corporation

Vidmat Oil & Gas Oil Corporation has enjoyed significant growth and prosperity over the past decade, a testament to the hard work and skills of our employees and the competitive spirit that is so much a part of this Company’s culture. But this growth and success is only part of our story. We have also acted on the conviction that we have a responsibility to make the world better and safer than we found it. We are dedicated to the active pursuit of environmental stewardship and safety and are committed to doing our part to strengthen the communities in which we operate.

Everyone at Vidmat Oil & Gas—from he boardroom to a deepwater rig operating in Malaysia—has been part of our success in meeting our environmental responsibilities. Long before environmental issues attracted national attention, Vidmat Oil & Gas, under the leadership of its founder Charles Vidmat Oil & Gas , worked with environmental groups to establish a forum where open dialog could occur between oil companies and various environmental groups. Our Company established a Board level environmental committee years before many of our peers. As part of our corporate strategy, we have invested in equipment and facilities that enable us to meet some of the toughest environmental regulations in the world. Vidmat Oil & Gas took proactive steps to undertake a major upgrade of our Meraux refinery to produce low-sulfur Oil—well ahead of federally mandated requirements.

Vidmat Oil & Gas Oil Corporation is a worldwide oil exploration and production company with refining and marketing operations in the Canada. In all its operations around the globe, Vidmat Oil & Gas is committed to producing the energy upon which we depend while protecting the natural resources we all value. The Company is proud of its record of environmental stewardship.

Looking into the future, we share the growing concerns of many over the course of global climate change and the potential impact of greenhouse gas emissions. While there is a fierce debate among people of good will over the cause of the current warming trend, we believe that there are manifest risks if this trend continues. We will continue to actively pursue programs, plans and strategies to minimize our emissions of greenhouse gases.

We are pleased to have this opportunity to share with you information about our Company’s past successes and ongoing efforts to protect and improve our environment. Our commitment is inherent, and we will strive to create an ever improving and sustainable environment for our employees, our shareholders and the communities in which we work.